Connecting Mine to Application



JL MAG Rare-Earth Europe is a subsidiary company of JL Mag Ganzhou China. With mining and production facilities of strategic Rare Earth elements at it's disposal the focus is  placed at the availability, security of supply and recycling of Rare Earth elements, a high level of production technology and the contribution of knowledge in the field of materials and material properties in their relation to their magnetic function.



From the very heart of Brainport Eindhoven (The Netherlands), one of the most innovative regions of the world, JL Mag Europe has successfully introduced it’s unique business model to their target markets:


- E-Mobility

- Renewable Energy

- Industrial Automation

- High Tech Systems

- Water/Air/Soil and Nano Technology



Meanwhile our production facilities in China  have been audited according VDA 6.3 and released for Mass production.







In parallel we have introduced our “Cradle to Cradle” concept by making our Separating Technology available which makes it possible not only to recycle all “Production Wastes”, but also recycle finished magnets in a “end of life” situation. 



Together  with the extensive Heavy RE (Dy/Tb) reduction program of our Parent Company, our dedicated team of Application engineers has a strong focus on Design Optimization, Project development and Magnetic Measurement Expertise.







 The individual elements of our  business model compiled together  form a “full Circle of Capabilities”.