Benefit from the power of AI

Diabatix successfully strives to be an expert guide through the design process of your cooling elements. Whether it concerns your liquid or air cooled heat sinks, heat diffusers or any other technique: we can customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

Our highly specialized engineer team is supported by pioneering artificial intelligence software. This combined process using human expertise and unmatched computing power delivers a wide range of extremely valuable data in less than a few seconds. This allows our program to deduct the most intelligent decisions that provide the solid and reliable product you need.

Liquid cooling channels

are used in heat sinks and cold plates. The designs made by our AI-system are used to cool Power Electronics, the cooling of electric vehicle batteries, motors or high-tech equipment. Special needs like lower weight or manufacturing constrains are easily integrated by the AI-system.

Air-cooled fins

designed by our AI-system, are used to cool electrical motors but are also found in heat exchangers. Their form is perfectly adapted to optimize the cooling qualities of the fins.


We are an engineering company based in Belgium that focuses on all facets of customized thermal design. Artificial intelligence proves its unlimited potential today and will only gain in impact in the future. We help companies by developing advanced products that ingeniously redefine the very essence of thermal design