High Quality Diamond Grinding Tools
Since 1969 we see us as a System Supplier for Abrasive Technology and an competent and efficient partner of the processing industry. With our large product range in the standard and special area we cover the requirements of our customers completely.

The W.Fritzsching GmbH&Co.KG, as a specialist for Abrasive Technology with a longtime experience, presents – supports through partners with their special areas – their customers a combination of a direct perfect solution for high precise and economic abrasive processing.

We support our customer with

  • Consulting
  • Elaborating of the tools
  • First use and optimizing of the tools on-site

Our tool complete service covers

  • Repairs
  • Reworking
  • Reprofiling
  • And regrinding

Our stock service contains

  • Stock holding and disposition of your tools
  • Fixed delivery dates or call orders according to demand

Due to the requirements of our customers to handle the work with very hard raw materials as ceramic, sapphire etc. , we created a wide range of grinding tools for micro processing.

With our wide and versatile product range of grinding tools we are able to offer the best solutions for our customer needs.

For your requirements we offer grinding tools with different bonds:

  • Metal bond
  • Resinoid bond
  • Vitrified bond
  • Galvanic coated bond
  • Galvanic full layer bond
  • Active brazed bond


We offer the quality and the solutons you need:

  • We offer grinding pins in a wide range of forms and models.
  • Standard program available for immediate delivery
  • Special forms from draft
  • Models from0.3 mm diameter
  • Models with inner coolant supply
  • In-house developed binding piece system for variable drilling depth
  • Steel and stainless steel shafts
  • Heavy metal shafts
  • Carbide shafts